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I contacted Peter regarding my requirements and decided to ask him to review the flyer content and also some key pages on my website that were not structured very well. Peter's response was quick, thorough, and exactly what I needed. Peter provided great copy for me that has now been used for my flyers and my website.
A Rapkins (Cloudlight Photography)
Thank you very much for the online articles you have provided to date for our client. As you know these articles are part of an ongoing online marketing campaign encompassing social media, social bookmarks, link campaigning and brand awareness. In each article provided you have targeted the right audience, in the right way while delivering both charming and informative articles that were within brief. Not only that, but you turned these articles around extremely promptly. Both our client and ourselves are very happy with the service and will continue to both use you and recommend you at every opportunity.
M Eley (BizGen Ltd)

Website Content Writing

A specialised art form this is. Oh yes! Itís not like writing a letter to your auntie in Bournemouth or Bradford or even a trader in Poole you know! There, your only consideration is getting your message across to a real person. Web content not only has to do that but it also must reach non-human readers, the all-powerful search engines! So copywriting for the web is a skilful blend of ordinary language and keywords, special words that search engines recognise so they direct people to your particular site. Thatís why itís best left to the professionals!

The Importance Of Updating Content

Iíve just changed all the content of this site because all websites need to be kept fresh and appealing. You do that by changing the content frequently to keep it as fresh and up to date as you can. Statistics tell us that most people visit a website over and over again before finally acting. It often takes them longer than you might think too. If they keep seeing the same old same old time after time their attention drifts away and so do they, to someone elseís site! Wouldnít you rather they didnít do that? web content author
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Not only that, we all find it annoying when you finally make a decision to proceed with a deal youíve seen on a website only to find the deal finished a month ago and nobody bothered to update the website. Words do mean business but only if theyíre fresh and topical!
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Words Really Do Mean Business...

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"Words that mean business," is more than just a tag line. Itís what you actually get! Join our other happy customers from all over Poole, Bournemouth, the Dorset countryside and the world beyond. They came seeking the kind of copywriting that gets their businesses noticed for all the right reasons and they found it here!

Itís our promise to you and we deliver what we promise! Web content, press releases or whatever is needed: Itís all about marketing you and your brand. We never lose sight of that so Write For You keeps on producing words that really do mean business!
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