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We hired Peter to write our website content work. It was brilliant! He came to our office discussed our requirements, did a bit more research then hey presto! We have just asked him to refresh it on a regular basis as we understand this is very important for SEO.
M Phillips (Dorset Phoenix)
Just a quick note to thank you for the superb letter you put together for me to help me sell my business to people I have never even met before. What I wanted was a letter that I could send to someone in a letting agency, a builder, an estate agent, or anyone else that I could help to try and get them interested in my business. What I got was a written masterpiece! I have sent the letter you wrote out twice, and on both occasions the people called me back asking for more details, so your letter obviously captivated them and they got interested in my business after reading your narrative. Thank you very much!
P Baker (Great Choice (Flooring) Ltd)
Not being one for words but for ideas who do I turn to to make my website readable? You of course! The project ideas were digested by yourself and turned into meaning and a flowing text. The site has more conversions from browsing to ringing us since the changes. Thanks very much for the very profressional advice and approach
G Whale (Blue Tulips)

Social Media, What Does It Mean To You?

It should mean a valuable means of publicising your products or services to an unimaginably large audience. The Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch conurbation may seem like the hub of the Universe when you are based here but, even if it is, the Universe is a mighty big wheel! Actually you donít need to worry about the Universe, our own little planet will provide all the business you can handle, however big your business becomes! As far as we know there are no potential customers in the rest of the universe anyway.
The amazing thing about social media is that, if you do it right, a message you post can very quickly be seen by everyone in the World who has a device that can connect to the internet and it doesnít need to cost you anything! If you donít know how to do it right, there are excellent website companies who can help you. Thing is though, you still need to know what to say and how to say it. Overcome that obstacle by calling in Write For You to provide the right words.

Some of the benefits of using social media are;

  • Being seen on Facebook, Linked-In, You-Tube, and all the rest
  • Reaching far more people than you ever would any other way
  • Itís cheap and effective!
  • Using the right words will create the right image for your business. Thatís where Write For You can help.
Social Media Copywriter UK

Let Us Tweet For You on Twitter!

Some people spend all day on Twitter tweeting meaningless drivel! Donít think that is all itís there for. Itís there also for you to use as an invaluable marketing tool for your business, to complement all the other tools in your box. You must tweet loud and clear though, so as to be heard above all the constant inane twittering! The best way to do that is to get Write For You to write your tweets for you along with all your other copywriting. You canít expect to do everything yourself. This is stuff you can offload on to us. You know it makes sense!

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Words Really Do Mean Business...

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writing for social media
"Words that mean business," is more than just a tag line. Itís what you actually get! Join our other happy customers from all over Poole, Bournemouth, the Dorset countryside and the world beyond. They came seeking the kind of copywriting that gets their businesses noticed for all the right reasons and they found it here!

Itís our promise to you and we deliver what we promise! Web content, press releases or whatever is needed: Itís all about marketing you and your brand. We never lose sight of that so Write For You keeps on producing words that really do mean business!
Get your words that mean business

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