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I did not think twice about asking Write for You to provide the Home page and Services page content for my new website, We had a meeting to discuss the ins and outs, subjects and topics. Peter was very hospitable and welcoming which made me feel comfortable enough to try and turn my thoughts into words, something I personally find particularly hard. With just a shoestring of input from me, Write for You a few days later presented me with the text for the site, it was perfect. It was what I wanted to say all along but could not put on paper, since the site has been live it is getting ever increasing hits and ever increasing sales which I feel I owe a large part to Peter and Write for You. I will make sure that everyone in the same boat as me takes up your services.
C Johnson (PCs Made Simple)
I wanted to thank you for the work carried out for us. We were very impressed not only in the finished product but in your professional yet friendly nature. We would happily recommend you to any person or business in need of help with their copywriting.
M Goodrum (Singlepoint Bookkeeping Services Ltd)

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When you need an article to be written on any subject, there is no need to agonise over it yourself, just send your brief to the Dorset Copywriter at Write For You and let us do the agonising for you. Meanwhile, you get on with doing what you do best. It will cost you less than you might think. Here are a few extracts from previous articles to give you a taste of what we can do for you. These extracts are taken from just a few of the dozens of articles weíve produced for clients. They serve to illustrate the versatility of The Dorset Copywriter. Whatever subject you have in mind, as long as it can be presented in plain English, we can write about it.

Copywriter Hampshire

Car Boot Sales Online

Doesnít seem to make sense does it? I mean, the whole point of a car boot sale is that youíre selling stuff from the boot of a car isnít it? OK you might have stuff on a table behind the car being replenished from the boot as items are sold but the thing is, the car is there, the stuff is there and you are there for people to haggle with. Thatís what provides the fun element, that interaction between buyer and seller. That and getting your fingers and toes frozen on an English summerís day!
Copywriter Wiltshire

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing is one of the things that separates human beings from the rest of the animal kingdom. Actually itís more than that. Without clothes our naked bodies would be exposed to the elements, not to mention ridicule and scorn! Cats and dogs and pretty well all other mammals are provided with nice warm coats of fur or hairy hide to give them a neat, finished look. We humans on the other hand have to protect our tender bodies and give ourselves some dignity by wearing clothing of one sort or another, at least in the chillier parts of the world.
We started off by killing other creatures and pinching their furry skins to wear. Then we learned how to make fabrics and the fashion industry was born. Once people started clothing themselves it wasnít long before they wanted to add decoration and found the need for more practical accessories such as scabbards for their swords and belts to carry them on as well as for holding up their breeches.
Freelance copywriter hampshire

The History Of The Game Of Croquet

There is more than one version of the tale of how croquet evolved and which is correct, no-one knows for certain. It may be that both are right in parts!
Some say that itís descended from bowls. The theory is that bowls players wanted to continue playing their game indoors in the winter. Because the playing area available indoors would be much smaller they added hoops and mallets to add interest to the game. That would have created a different game entirely.
Then next summer the players tried their new game outdoors and liked it. All this seems to have been happening in France, where they called the new game, "paille-maille," or "ball-mallet," in English. Not surprisingly the name was never actually used in the English form.
Freelance copywriter Wiltshire
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