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I did not think twice about asking Write for You to provide the Home page and Services page content for my new website, We had a meeting to discuss the ins and outs, subjects and topics. Peter was very hospitable and welcoming which made me feel comfortable enough to try and turn my thoughts into words, something I personally find particularly hard. With just a shoestring of input from me, Write for You a few days later presented me with the text for the site, it was perfect. It was what I wanted to say all along but could not put on paper, since the site has been live it is getting ever increasing hits and ever increasing sales which I feel I owe a large part to Peter and Write for You. I will make sure that everyone in the same boat as me takes up your services.
C Johnson (PCs Made Simple)
I wanted to thank you for the work carried out for us. We were very impressed not only in the finished product but in your professional yet friendly nature. We would happily recommend you to any person or business in need of help with their copywriting.
M Goodrum (Singlepoint Bookkeeping Services Ltd)

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Blowing One's Own Trumpet (23rd December 2014)

A little voice in the back of my head kept nagging at me that it was high time I posted some more material on this page. Just now Iím here in Poole waiting for feedback on some copy I sent to a client in Bournemouth the day before yesterday. I canít get on with the job until I get it so Iíve no excuse not to do this.


Sitting staring at the blank page it occurred to me yet again how much harder it is to write stuff about oneself compared to writing about other people and their businesses. I love writing pieces to tell the world how brilliant some client or other is at what they do and what superb service they provide. I hate trying to do the same for myself and my business. Strange is it not?


Well, maybe not so strange. I canít be the only one who feels uncomfortable blowing my own trumpet as me Mam used to call it! That seems like another good reason why people in Poole and Dorset should come to me and Iíll do it for them. Iím never shy about blowing other peoplesí trumpets!


Is your companyís trumpet due to be taken down from its shelf, dusted off and given a good blow to wake everyone up to your presence? If so, do get in touch. Iím no musician but I do blow a good metaphorical trumpet, for other folk in Poole, Bournemouth or indeed anywhere in Dorset!


Well, what do you know? I did end up giving my own instrument a little toot after all. Funny old business this Dorset copywriting!

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